Resuming Activities from the Fourth Week of February

At the end of the year, I fell while jogging and fractured my collarbone. Since there was no possibility of natural healing, based on the advice of the doctor, I underwent surgery on January 12th. The procedure involved reinforcing the broken collarbone with a titanium plate. Despite still feeling some numbness around the wound, I have been able to return to normal life. I will resume activities from the fourth week of February.

Two lessons were learned from this accident.

First, jogging in the dark is highly dangerous. I stumbled over a slight change in the road elevation, which I would have noticed if it had been brighter.

Second, I discovered that the collarbone is one of the more fragile bones among the 206 in the human body. It seems that when falling, the collarbone breaking serves to mitigate the impact, providing a cushioning effect. If it were robust and never prone to breaking, the impact of a fall might have been transmitted to the neck or internal organs. I want to believe that I was saved by the clavicle fracture. Although I experienced pain, I was impressed by how well-designed the human body is!