Tour Guide Hiro

Hiroaki Miyaoka

Hello everyone, I’m tour guide Hiro. I was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1959, and after graduating from university, I worked as a teacher at local high schools for 38 years, retiring in 2020. I taught social studies. And I supervised the student council, an extracurricular activity, for a long time. This involved discussing school events like the cultural festival with student leaders and assisting in their realization, often balancing student desires and faculty intentions. Additionally, I served as the advisor for the mountaineering club, planning monthly climbs and even organizing camping trips in the summer. I believe these experiences greatly contribute to my skills as a guide.

Currently, I live with my wife and a pet lovebird. During the pandemic, this little bird became a source of emotional support for us.

My hobby is playing the flute. I use a karaoke room as my practice space. Despite having experience with the flute for a long time, I started as an adult, and, due to the busyness of work, I neglected fundamental practice, so my skill level is still a work in progress. However, now that I’m retired and have relatively more time, I’m dedicated to seriously improving my skills with this instrument. Even though I’m over 60, I believe my technical peak is yet to come, and I’m diligently practicing.

At the Usual Training Course

I also enjoy combat sports that provide intense excitement. I practiced karate myself during my student days, reaching the first dan level, but I don’t engage in it actively anymore. As for martial arts to watch, I particularly favor sumo. The strength it exhibits, the clarity of wins and losses, and the absence of weight-based classes allowing smaller wrestlers to defeat larger ones—all these aspects are highlights for me. There are special tours available during the tournaments held in Ryogoku, Tokyo (in January, May, and September). These tours are designed to enhance the enjoyment of watching professional sumo matches.

To be honest, I’m not fluent in English. I haven’t had the experience of studying abroad, and my opportunities to use English in daily life are extremely limited. However, I’ve studied domestically, which has inclined my language usage somewhat toward textbook expressions, but it doesn’t hinder effective communication. Although my experience as a professional guide is limited due to my career as a public servant, I have guided numerous guests in Tokyo and Saitama as a volunteer guide. I believe I can offer travel advice that differs from what you might find on your smartphone. I’ll do my best to ensure that the small journeys I provide in Tokyo and Saitama become satisfying experiences in Japan for all of you.

Dohyo-iri Ceremony at Kokugikan

Qualifications: National Certified Tour Guide Interpreter (EN00372) / Practical English Proficiency Level 1. / Qualified as a Domestic Travel Business Manager (2019) / Certified as a Comprehensive Travel Business Manager (2020)