A One-Day Walking Tour Discovering Tokyo and Saitama

I offer DAY TOURs to guests staying at hotels in Tokyo and Saitama to discover through WALKING.

My Vision

Having taught social studies for a long time in high school, my endeavor to learn English led me to realize the necessity for a multifaceted understanding of Japan when conversing about its societal aspects with people from other countries. Situated as an island nation on the edge of the continent, I’ve come to appreciate the unique culture crafted by its people over centuries and the intrinsic values they uphold. I aspire to convey this to those from abroad, fostering a deeper connection between travelers and the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and the inner essence of its people. Through this, I hope travelers can profoundly engage with both Japanese culture and the Japanese spirit.

Principles of Tours

1 Small-Scale (up to 6 individuals), Agile Tours

2 Proposal for a Low-Cost Tour (Involving Walking and Using Public Transportation)

3 Avoidance: High admission fees such as Disneyland and prior reservations

4 Unreserved Lunch for Under ¥2,000

5 Tours Offering Insights into Japanese Everyday Life

Pricing Structure

1 The guide fee is calculated based on the total for the group, at a rate of ¥4,000 per hour. “Packaged Tours” are priced according to their respective durations, while “Customized Tours in Tokyo” are offered at a fixed rate of ¥20,000. The amount remains the same whether it’s one person or six.

2 The guide fee includes the guide’s transportation expenses, meal costs, and admission fees. However, your expenses are not included in this. Please pay for them individually on-site.

3 Please pay the guide fee in cash (Japanese Yen) on the day of the tour.

4 Please refer to the calendar in the footer for the schedule.

Considering email correspondence with guests, please make your reservation for the tour at least a week before the tour date.


1 Fill out the necessary information on the application form and submit it.

2 An automated confirmation email will be sent immediately.

3 I will send an email within 48 hours.

4 We will determine the itinerary for the tour through email correspondence.

5 We will welcome the tour day!

If you have any special requests, please feel free to enter them in the message field.


There is no cancellation fee until the day before the tour. However, in the event of a cancellation on the day before the scheduled date, half of the agreed-upon amount will be charged, and for same-day cancellations, the full amount will be due. Please make the payment with an Amazon gift card.


KOBATON is Saitama Prefecture’s mascot, inspired by the prefectural bird ‘Shirakobato,’ the white-collared pigeon.