Package Tours in Tokyo & Saitama

I’ve assembled some representative tours in Tokyo and Saitama as packages. Please choose your preferred tour if any catches your interest.

Meanwhile, about Saitama…SAITAMA is a neighboring prefecture to the north of Tokyo. Due to its proximity to the city center, many people commute to companies and schools in Tokyo. When night falls, a large number of people simultaneously return to Saitama to sleep. Because of this, Saitama is often referred to as a “BEDTOWN.” As a result, major transportation routes to Tokyo have been well developed, but there aren’t as many convenient options for traveling east to west.

Nevertheless, Saitama boasts several attractive towns. I’ve put together guided day tours that allow you to extend your day a little further from the city center and spend a day exploring them.

S01 Kawagoe Tour

S02 Chichibu Tour

T01 Tokyo Highlight Tour

T02 Shinjuku Tour

T03 Asakusa Tour

T04 Imperial Palace Tour

T05 Meiji-jingu & Harajuku Tour

T06 Tsukudajima, Tsukishima, & Monja Tour

T07 Kiyosumi-shirakawa & Ryogoku Tour


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