Package Hiking Tours

In the western part of Tokyo, there are mountainous areas known as Oku-tama and Oku-musashi. You can enjoy hiking there in about an hour by train from the city center. Mountains in Japan have long been objects of worship and places of ascetic training. Even today, remnants of this tradition can be seen in various places.

Why not spend a day of your stay in Tokyo by breathing in fresh air, breaking a sweat, and experiencing Japanese culture in a different way from the urban hustle and bustle?

General Instructions for All Hiking Courses:

1. Meeting Time and Point

10:00 AM at a station close to the trailhead

However, if you prefer, I can arrange pickups directly from your accommodation. In such cases, I kindly request 4,000 yen (including transportation expenses). The meeting time will also be slightly earlier.

2. Items to Bring

Hiking attire, footwear, rain gear, provisions (lunch), and water

3. Hiking Even in Light Rain

Of course, the activity may be canceled depending on the weather conditions.

Hiking Trails Selection

H01 Mt.Takao

H02 Mt.Mitake & Mitake Shrine

H03 Mt.Tenran & Tonosu

H04 Mt.Hiwasda & Koma

H05 Takedera Temple & Nenogongen

H06 Mt.Bouno-mine (Bouno-ore)


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