H03 Mt.Tenran & Tonosu

Easygoing Route (the highest elevation is 271 meters)

Walkable from the Station to the Trailhead

Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and History

This trail is suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly. You can easily reach the trailhead on foot from the train station. Along the way, you’ll come across historic temples and shrines, making it a great place to take a break. While the peaks of the two mountains are not particularly high, at 195 meters and 271 meters respectively, you’ll still get panoramic views of Hanno City and even the city center in Tokyo. Additionally, you can enjoy seasonal flowers along the way.

In the descent, you can walk along the Iruma River and enjoy the valley carved by its waters. Discovering such natural beauty right next to the urban area of Hanno City can be quite surprising. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable course.

Hanno Station
Noninji Temple
Lanterns at the Temple
One of the 16 Rakan Statues
View from Tenranzan Summit
Autumn Foliage Along the Way
Hiking Trail
View from Mt.Tonosu Summit
Mitake Hachiman Shrine
Doremi-Fa Bridge
Iruma River
Azuma Valley

4 Hours Tour / 16,000 yen / 9 km Walk


10:00 AP Meet at Hanno Station on Seibu Line

  • Walk through the station-front shopping street

10:20 AM Visit Noninji Temple 

11:00 AM Mt.Tenran

11:40 AM Mt.Tonosu

  • Have lunch at the summit
  • Walk along the river valley towards the station

2:00 PM Conclude at Hanno Station

<Note> The fare from Ikebukuro to Hanno is 490 yen. Using the express service adds an additional 600 yen.


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