H02 Mt.Mitake & Mitake Shrine

Located atop a 929-meter Summit, the Mitake Shrine

Take the Cable Car to near the Summit

Enjoy the Rock Garden and Waterfalls

Takimoto Station
Rock Garden
View from Mt.Mitake
View from Mt.Mitake
Autumn leaves of Mt. Mitake
Mitake Shrine

5-Hour tour / 20,000 yen per group / 6 km-Walk


9:30 AM Meet at Mitake Station on JR Ome Line or your hotel

  • Take the bus to Takimoto Station for 340 yen

10:10 AM Takimoto Station to Mt.MItake Station (cable car)

  • The round-trip ticket is 1,130 yen

10:30 AM Begin hiking

  • Visit Mitake Shrine, the Rock Garden, and the waterfalls, Have lunch

1:00 PM Return to Mt.Mitake Station

  • From there to Takimoto (cable car), and take a bus from Takimoto to Mitake Station

2:30 PM At MItake Station (JR Ome Line), the tour concludes


  • Train and bus schedules may vary between weekends and weekdays, so I will confirm the exact timings via email.
  • The one-way fare for the JR train from Shinjuku to Mitake station is 950 yen.
  • Please bring your own drinks and bento (boxed lunch).

Please contact me from here.

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