H05 Takedera Temple & Nenogongen

Fusion of Buddhism and Shinto

Temples with Bamboo Groves

Guardian Deities of Legs and Feet

The mountainous religion in Japan evolved through the amalgamation of Buddhism and Shinto. Prior to the Meiji era, this fusion was prevalent. However, in the early Meiji period, the government sought to separate the two, favoring Shinto while suppressing Buddhism. Yet, the two religious sites we are going to visit managed to escape this suppression, preserving a valuable testament to the amalgamation of both. Situated in low mountains at elevations of 500 to 600 meters, this tour offers an experience of faith intertwined with rural landscapes.

  • Takedera: “Take” means bamboo, and “Dera” (or “Tera”) signifies a Buddhist temple. This temple, founded in 857, is renowned for its stunning bamboo groves. The temple grounds harmonize with the landscape and nature, characterized by the serene beauty of bamboo. Its traditional architecture and beautiful gardens captivate visitors, offering a glimpse into Japanese culture and spirituality.
  • Nenogongen: The Buddhist temple, founded in 911 by Neno-hijiri (a saint), belongs to the Tendai sect. He himself became an object of worship and has been revered as a deity safeguarding legs and feet. Within the temple grounds, noticeable features include massive iron-made straw sandals and wooden clogs, dedicated by worshippers.

6-Hour Tour / 24,000 yen per group / 8km Walk

Mountain Trailhead just as you get off at the bus stop
Walk through a Cedar Grove
The Bell Tower at the Takedera
The Bamboo at the Takedera Temple
The Main Hall of the Takedera
The Open Space at the Takedera
Bamboo Grove
Gozu-myoo at the Takedera
Scenery from Nenogongen
The Main Hall of Nenogongen
The Guardian Deity (Nio) protecting the Nenogongen Temple
The Other Pair of Nio Guardians
A Monument safeguarding feet and legs, depicting Iron-made Straw Sandals
Dedicated High Heels
Asami-jaya, rest area
The bridge believed to have been where the founding saint exorcised evil spirits
Even roadside stones are objects of devotion
Autumn Leaves


10:00 AM: Meet at Hanno Station on the Seibu Line

10:25 AM: Departure by bus (Kokusai Kogyo Bus 740 yen) 

11:09 AM: Arrival at Kodono Bus Stop

11:15 AM: Start of the Hiking Trail

12:00 PM: Arrival at Takedera Temple and have lunch

12:30 PM: Start of the Hiking Trail

2:00 PM: Arrival at Nenogongen Temple

2:30 PM: Start of the Hiking Trail

4:00 PM: Arrival at Agano Station on the Seibu Line

  • Conclusion of the journey

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