H04 Mt.Hiwada & Koma

Experience a 300-meter Low-Mountain Hike with Rocky Terrain

View of Skyscrapers in Tokyo

1300 Years of History at the Korei Shrine

This region, known as Koma or Koguryo, derives its name from the early 8th century when people from the Korean Peninsula arrived in Japan due to political turmoil in their homeland and settled here, pioneering the area. The spirit of their leader at that time, Jakko, is enshrined at the Koma Shrine, and his mortuary temple is Shoden-in Temple. Continuing further on foot at the base of the mountain, you can ascend to Mt. Hiwada.

6-Hour Tour / 24,000 yen per group / 7km-Walk

Koma Station
View from Mt.Hiwada
View from Mt.Hiwada
Shoden-in Temple
Torii Gate of Koma Shrine
Main Hall of Koma Shrine


10:00 AM Meet at Koma Station on the Seibu Line or at your hotel

10:30 AM Start to clime Mt. Hiwada

12:00 PM Lunch at Soba noodle restaurant nearby

1:10 PM Shodenin-Temple (300 yen)

2:30 PM Koma-Shrine

3:50 PM End of the tour at Komagawa Station on the JR Line


  • The one-way fare for the train from Ikebukuro to Koma station is 550 yen.
  • The one-way fare for the train from Komagawa to Ikebukuro station is 710 yen.
  • The dishes at the Soba noodle restaurant range from around 1,000 yen to 1,500 yen.

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