H06 Mt.Bouno-mine (Bounoore)

Valley near the City Center

Somewhat Challenging Hiking Experience

Soak in a Hot Spring

From Hanno Station, it’s about a 40-minute bus ride. You start your hike from a road near Naguri-ko Lake, an artificial dam. You’ll ascend alongside a valley carved by a fast-flowing stream against rocks. The summit stands at approximately 960 meters in height. The descent takes you through gently sloping, planted cedar groves as you make your way back to the base. There’s a hot spring facility named ‘Sawarabi no Yu‘ at the foot of the mountain.

This mountain is also known as “Bounooreyama” or “Bounomine.”

6 Hour tour / 24,000 yen per group / 8 km Walk

Hanno Station
Iwadake-ishi Rock
Top of the mountain
Planted cedar copse


9:00 AM Meet at Hanno Station on the Seibu Line or your hotel

9:25 AM Board the bus to the trailhead (630 yen)

10:10 AM Start hiking

12:30 PM Lunch at the summit (Please bring your own!)

3:00 PM Finish the hike  

  After : Soak in the hot springs(800 yen) or return to Hanno by bus


Please contact me from here.

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