S02 Walking Tour of Chichibu

83 minutes by Express Train from the City Center (Ikebukuro Station)

Cultivated on Land surrounded by Mountains, it has a Unique Tradition and Culture

A Town of Faith that reveres the Sacred Mountain, Buko

Chichibu is nestled in a basin surrounded by mountains, where numerous festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The way of life, giving thanks to the gods for the blessings of nature, still thrives here. The Chichibu Night Festival is its climax. It is said that mountain worship, venerating Mt. Buko as a sacred mountain, dates back to ancient times, and over time, it integrated Buddhism, Shintoism, and other beliefs. In this small region, many Buddhist temples and shrines still exist. During the Edo period, silk weaving thrived in this area, bringing prosperity. After World War II, large quantities of cement were produced from the limestone of Mt. Buko. Despite changing times, the lifestyle surrounded by mountains and the reverence for the gods and Buddhas still endure in this place.

5-Hour Tour / 20,000 yen per group / 4 km Walk

Seibu Chichibu Station
Chichibu Meisen (Silk) Museum
Chichibu Shrine
Chichibu Festival Hall
Kasaboko in the museum
Yatai in the museum
Hotto Spot Chichibu-kan
Chichibu Furusato-kan
A thousand-year-old Zelkova tree in Imamiya Shrine


10:00 AM Meet at Seibu Chichibu Station on Seibu Chichibu Line

10:30 AM Visit Chichibu Meisen (Silk) Museum and Chichibu Night Festival Hall 

12:00 PM Visit Chichibu Shrine

12:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM Walk around the town

2:30 PM Imamiya Shrine

3:00 PM Seibu Chichibu Station


  • The one-way fare for the limited express train from Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu is 1,700 yen.
  • The admission fees for the Meisen Museum and Night Festival Hall are 210 yen and 500 yen, respectively.

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