T04 Imperial Palace Tour

Once a Mighty Military Fortress

Now the Residence of the Imperial Family

Elegant and Graceful Ambiance

During the Edo period, it served as the political epicenter where the shogun resided. Hence, it was constructed as a formidable military fortress. However, in the latter half of the 19th century, it became the residence of the Emperor, who was relocated from Kyoto, and came to be known as the Imperial Palace. As a result, traces of its military origins still linger throughout the grounds. Additionally, the Japanese garden, situated closest to Tokyo Station, is open to the public. It stands as a facility positioned at the heart of Tokyo and, symbolically, at the heart of Japan.

3 Hour tour / 12,000 yen / 5 Km Walk

Tokyo Station
Outer Garden
Tatsumi Turret and Moat
Base of the Main Tower
Ninomaru Garden
Nijubashi Bridge
Statue of Kusunoki Masashige
Around Yurakucho Station


10:00 AM Meet at Tokyo Station (Marunouchi Gate)

10:30 AM Enter East Garden from Ote-mon Gate

12:30 PM Kokyo-gaien ~ Nijubashi Bridge

1:00 PM Tour concludes at Yuraku-cho Station


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