T05 Meijijingu & Harajuku Tour

Majestic Shrine

Metropolitan Oasis in the Woods

Fashion Hub of Expression

Meijijingu Shrine, which enshrines Emperor Meiji and his Empress was established in 1920. The surrounding forest is adorned with over 100,000 trees donated from all over the country. These trees were meticulously designed and artificially created by forestry researchers who had studied in Germany at the time, with the intention of envisioning the landscape a hundred years later. Nowadays, this forest has naturally transformed into an oasis amidst the bustling metropolis.

On the other side of the railway tracks lies Takeshita Street. This approximately 350-meter-long street is lined with shops selling fashion brands and miscellaneous goods, making it the epicenter of the “kawaii culture” in Harajuku. Furthermore, if you continue further, you will reach Omotesando Avenue. Along the zelkova tree-lined street, you’ll find high-end boutique stores. Unlike Takeshita Street, Omotesando Avenue exudes a more sophisticated atmosphere. It’s a tour where you can simultaneously enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and the tranquility of Meiji Shrine.

4 Hour tour / 16,000 yen per group / 4km Walk

South Approach Entrance
Dedicated sake barrels
Great Torii Gate
Artificial forest
Main shrine
Takeshita Street entrance
Entrance decoration
Omotesando Hills


10:00 AM Meet at Harajuku Station (Omotesando Exit)

10:10 AM Visit Meijijingu

 Entry to the Inner Garden (Gyoen) costs 500 yen.

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Takeshita Street & Togo Shrine

1:30 PM Omotesando

2:00 PM Tour concludes at Harajuku Station


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