T01 Shinjuku

Japan’s Most Bustling District

Vast Urban Park in the Heart of the City

Views from the Skyscraper

Shinjuku is an area with a rich historical background, originally known as Naito Shinjuku. The name “Shinjuku (new post town)” originates from its role as a newly established post town along the Koshu Kaido, or Koshu Highway. Existing since the early days of the Edo period, it served as a place for travelers and merchants to interact, functioning as a rest stop along their journeys.

Following the devastating Kanto Earthquake in 1923, Shinjuku transformed into a major terminal station, experiencing a population surge and expanding predominantly around the station’s vicinity. Evolving into a bustling district with landmarks such as Kabukicho and a skyline adorned with high-rise buildings, Shinjuku became a vibrant hub, buzzing with the energy of urban life and attracting numerous people. Simultaneously, amidst the urban hustle and bustle, the exquisite gardens of Shinjuku Gyoen offer a tranquil retreat, providing a serene haven within the city. With the relocation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to Shinjuku, the area now serves as an administrative focal point.

Contemporary Shinjuku seamlessly blends historical roots with modern significance, presenting a diverse array of attractions. Here, the dynamism of city life harmonizes with the beauty of nature, offering visitors a multitude of experiences and pleasures.

Godzilla appeared in Kabukicho: Known as Japan’s top entertainment district, it’s filled with numerous restaurants and bars. Also recognized as the ‘city that never sleeps.’ The life-sized Godzilla head installed in 2015 has become a landmark of Kabukicho.

Golden Gai: Nestled within Kabukicho, it hosts nearly 300 tiny bars, attracting many with its unique atmosphere

A colossal 3D cat that emerged in 2021. Visible from Shinjuku East Exit, with the towering Kabukicho Tower, opened in 2023, standing behind it.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was completed in 1990. The observation decks on the 45th floor can be accessed for free, offering a panoramic view of Tokyo from its 202-meter height. However, it’s advisable to check the operating hours in advance.

Shinjuku Gyoen: A metropolitan oasis spanning approximately 58 hectares, hosts a Japanese garden, an English-style landscape garden, and a French formal garden. With over 10,000 trees, it boasts around 1,300 cherry blossom trees, creating a serene escape in the heart of the city.