T03 Kiyosumi-shirakawa

Experience Life in the Edo Period

Mitsubishi-preserved Daimyo Garden

Experience unique cafes as well

Kiyosumi-Shirakawa is located in an area along the man-made Onagigawa River, which converges with the Sumida River, where its rich history beautifully blends with modern-day culture. With roots tracing back to the Edo period’s significance in water transportation, the transformation of warehouses lining the canals into cafes and galleries harmoniously merges historical landscapes with today’s vibrant art scene.

Visitors can delve into life and culture during the Edo era at the Fukagawa Edo Museum, while Kiyosumi Garden offers the ever-changing beauty of each season.

This region stands as an enchanting destination where historical allure and contemporary charm coexist, offering a diverse array of experiences for those who explore its streets.

The night view of the Onagigawa River
Kiyosu Bridge over the Sumida River
Kiyosumi Garden
The cherry blossoms at Kiyosumi Garden
Recreating buildings from the Edo period – at the Fukagawa Edo Museum
Recreating the daily life of people as well