T11 Hamamatsucho

Tranquil Seaside Palace Garden

Zojoji Temple: The Shogun Family’s Ancestral Temple

The View from 333 Meters: Tokyo Tower

Hamamatsucho Station is not only a JR station but also serves as a monorail station to Haneda Airport. Additionally, nearby is Takeshiba Pier, a departure point for ships heading to the Izu Islands.

The name “Hamamatsu” is said to originate from the village head in the late 17th century, who hailed from Hamamatsu in Shizuoka. Within walking distance from the station, there are two famous daimyo gardens representing the Edo period.

Moreover, Zojoji Temple, a prominent temple that prospered as the Tokugawa shogunate’s family temple, stands with Tokyo Tower in the background. Tall buildings now dominate the area, transforming it into a bustling business district. However, it still retains a strong essence of old Edo.

Hama-rikyu Garden: During the Edo period, this garden served as an outer fortification of Edo Castle for the shogun’s family. It features the “Shioiri-no-Ike,” a pond filled with seawater, and two duck hunting grounds. After the Meiji Restoration, it became an imperial villa, but it’s now managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It’s intriguing to see it juxtaposed against the backdrop of modern high-rise buildings. The entrance fee is 300 yen.

Zojoji Temple: This temple boasts a history of 600 years, yet it was relocated to its current site in 1598. It received strong patronage from Tokugawa Ieyasu, who founded the Edo shogunate. Alongside Kanei-ji in Ueno, it became the family temple for the Tokugawa shogunate, with six shoguns interred here. It is one of the head temples of the Jodo sect of Buddhism.

Tokyo Tower: A comprehensive radio tower standing at 333 meters tall, constructed in 1958. Since the completion of the Skytree, it has largely ceased its primary functions. The main deck at 150 meters above ground costs 1200 yen, while participating in the top deck tour at 250 meters requires 3000 yen. It is illuminated from sunset until 11 p.m.

Kyu-Inabu Shrine in
Hama-rikyu Garden
Hama-rikyu Garden
Hama-rikyu Garden
Sanmon, Middle Gate of Zojoji
Daiden, Main Hall of Zojoji
Dedicated Jizo at Zojoji
Momiji Valley in front of Tokyo Tower
The Other Daimyo Garden: Shiba Rikyu Garden
Takeshiba Pier