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Delayed Cherry Blossom Bloom by One Week

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Today, I took a leisurely stroll to nearby cherry blossom spots. It was a tranquil weekend, bustling with locals. This year, due to the cold days persisting into March, the flowering period was delayed by about a week. The forecast predicted that the blossoms would start blooming around March 20th and reach full bloom towards the end of March. Indeed, during the last week of March, I guided guests to cherry blossom spots in Tokyo for three days, but unfortunately, each day was slightly early for the full bloom. Predicting the full bloom of cherry blossoms is difficult.

The photos show the cherry blossoms at Inariyama Park and along the Kasumigawa River in my local area.

The cherry blossoms remind me that there are cherry trees in unexpected places, something I realize every year!

In Japan, many schools hold entrance ceremonies on April 8th. This year, it seems like the cherry blossoms will welcome the new students warmly after a long time.